Midwest Metro Tennis League (MMTL) is a recreational tennis singles league based in Southeast Michigan that started in summer of 2007. Our vision and goal is to promote the game of tennis through the formation of tennis league tournaments, tennis mixers as well as other tennis related activities.

Playing in the MMTL offers players several benefits, including:

  • Scheduling Flexibility players have the ability to schedule their matches against other opponents at a mutually convenient time and location that works for both players based on their preferred playing location and access to public or private tennis facilities.

  • Access to other tennis players of a similar skill level improve your game through exposure to players of different styles of the same skill level

  • Compete for prizes, gifts as well as the trophy of MMTL tennis champions


List of Registered Players for 2015

28 June 2015

East Division: Score submission can be done now via website. Rankings and scores have been updated. If you don't see your scores, please re-submit via website.

27 June 2015

Central Division: Score submission can be done now via website. Rankings and scores have been updated. If you don't see your scores, please re-submit via website.

22 June 2015

Let the games BEGIN!!!
For the Central and East, you should have received your schedule and contact information. If you have not, please contact us.
For the West and Women's, we are trying to get more people to complete flights. In the event that we cannot do that in a timely manner, and if you have paid, we will refund in you full amount.

For the next few days, we will update the website, so you can submit your scores through here. But for the meantime, please submit your score via email.

14 June 2015

We will officially close the registration midnight tonight, but we will keep it open to fill the remaining spots to complete a flight.

For those late registrants, please contact us before you register and pay. If we have spots open, we will accept your registration and payment. If no more spots, we will put you in standby just in case.

For the next few days, we will be working in forming flights. Towards the end of this week, most likely by the weekend, we will send you emails with contact information of your opponents, and the basic schedule.

24 March 2015

Click the link below:

Registration Page

If you want to play in multiple flights (we recommend max of 2 flights), please register again. Fee for the first flight is $25, and for the succeeding flights, $20.

24 December 2014

Apologies for late updates on the main site to show the champions for 2014 season.

We are currently investigating to improve our website where the scores and ranking are update immediately and automatically once the scores are entered.

Stay tuned for the 2015 season!!!

2014 Draws/Brackets

Men's Level AA
Men's Level A
Men's Level B
Women's Level AA


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Please send your registration fee to:

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2014 MMTL Men's and Women's Summer Single's League
Grand Champions

John Andrew
2014 MMTL Men's AA Grand Champion


Phillip Maceri
2014 MMTL Men's A Grand Champion

Daniel Toma
2014 MMTL Men's B Grand Champion


Karen Youngblood
2014 MML Women's AA Grand Champion



2014 MMTL Men's Summer Single's League

Praveen Koka
2014 Men's AA Runner-Up


Tony Nguyen
2014 Men's A Runner-up


Justin Sjogren
2014 Men's B Runner-up



2014 MMTL Women's Summer Single's League

Debbie Pappas
2014 Women's AA Runner-Up


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